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Really grasping the Hi-Tech skill of grinding the international-grade of nanometer powder

   Our company manufactures and produces the grinding-machines of nanometer powder G. M. P. With the promotion of high-quality life, strict with  industrial requirement is required equally. Especially during the manufacturing progress of foodstuff and medicine after the G. M. P standard built up. So one standard .. grinding-powder  machine which can accord with original compositions, have no noise, have no iron content (the loss of the grinding-wheel ), grind at low temperature, have no powder raising(not pollute mutually ) is widely welcome. Unfortunately, there is  few manufacturers which can hold the tech of grinding nanometer powder and produce the milling-machine according  with ..standard in China and abroad.

Our nanometer-level extremely ultramicro pulverizer Which could grind below 100nm degree of fineness through the physical-dry-type technology, breaking through the tech-obstacle of traditional method of ball-levigation way and the acidic-crack solution. The advanced tech is based on molecular-collision way, controlling atom-electronic movement, because does not add any chemical medicament, so it cannot destroy the ingredient of raw material and characteristic (for example: titanium dioxide above 100 nm (D80) could be grinded, grain-size could be reached at 50nm, atomic nucleus electron reaction keener, sterilization and electron of atomic-nucleus respond more sensitive. It will take good effects on disinfection, deodorizing, decontamination and air-purification. ). A machine adopting computer digital control system could make grain-size-distribution more average and enhance the production quality. So this is a standard GMP grinding-machine which could conform to the original ingredient, not have noise, not have iron content, grind at low temperature control and have no dust does spread.


Nanometer material is science material

Understanding the nanometer tech will bring you the profits and making a good use of nanometer material will promote your competitive ability in market.



    We could offer the pulverizing services for general chemical oxide compound, vegetable fiber, material, medicine, cosmetics and so on. The grinding pellet’s distributed degree of fineness specification is: 600~1,000 nanometer; 300~700 nanometer; 100~300 nanometer; 50~100 nanometer; below 10 nanometer and up to nanometer degree of fineness.

Suitable using scope of grinding:

Raw-material-powder services of grinding available (Food related): -Pearl Powder, ion calcium (active calcium), ganoderma lucidum powder, ginger-powder, Jew’s-ear, Ji Ding Zhi, tea, la mu ye fen, lemon, carapace, edible decorate starch, powdered sugar, rice, coconut shell, maize meal, fish-powder…

Raw-material-powder services of pulverizing available (chemistry related): remote infrared ray material (ceramic material), bamboo coal/activated charcoal, titanium dioxide, laevo-rotatory C, collogen, ore powder, cupric sulfate, oxide aluminum, silica (silicon oxide), zinc oxide, silicon zirconium borax (3 in 1), aluminum oxide titanium zirconium (3 in 1), graphite, zirconium oxide, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, nickel...

Raw-material-powder services of pulverizing available (Plastic related): ABS standard material (PA756S)/ABS nanometer material, PE standard material (PPK8025)/PE nanometer material, PP standard material, PU standard material, PET standard material, plastic (PT) raw material /80~100 mesh, appending nanometer material ABS, plastic powder PE/ ultra-micro plastic powder PE, PC material, silica gel, rubber, revertex chemical additive (raw material) /100 mesh...

Other related pulverizing services: pottery clay, diatomaceous earth, glaze…

    Our milling machine works in dry type and can reach 2.36nm fineness degree/unit which breaks the limits of nanometer tech nowadays and gets more output, keeping ahead of the same class 100nm equipment in Europe and America. It is not only a big tech breakthrough, but a promotion of use in every industry.

Professional manufacturer with 62- years credit standing


 Our nanometer-powder gauging report is made by mechanical engineering institute of HuaNan Science and Technology University China, based on Chinese standard rules-GB/T 13221-2004, on the method of nanometer powder distribution X-ray angular divergence efflux.

 The gauging reports of laser-particle-size nanometer-powder is made by HanTai bureau of Taiwan Nation ChengGong university.

For more gauging reports, Please contact us!




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